Portraits & Animals

One of the most important subjects I learned to shoot was Portraits and Animals. This is significant because Portraits and Animals can often be difficult to find the right settings, as well as take a good photo while the person or animal is relatively still. Details below photos.

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An assignment for my Introduction to Digital Photography class included making Panoramas. The following images were made up of hundreds of photos and were later compiled into one panorama via Adobe Photoshop.

360 Panorama of my old Dorm room.
180 Panorama taken from Mount Washington, Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh and Other Landscapes

One of the most common photos for artists to take is their environment. The following are different landscape photos, most taken at different times of the day. These photos were used both for leisurely purposes, as well as class examples for lighting, depth of field and aperture techniques. Details are listed below photos.

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Final Series- Music

This was my final project for my Introduction to Digital Photography class. We were to create a series of images that told a story. I chose to photograph a series that told the vibes of being in a band and loving music. Photo information is below each. All photos taken in Philadelphia area, Fall 2015.

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